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Tan Organic

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TanOrganic has received a top-ranking Ethical Company index score of 100 from The Good Shopping Guide, which demonstrates our ethical commitments. Only 7 beauty brands in the world have a score of 100

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Sunless Tanning Work?
Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, is the main building block of sunless tanning products. Naturally derived from sugar cane, it creates colour when it comes in contact with the amino acids found in your skin’s surface cells.

Is Tanning Safe?
While self tan can cause allergies and minor irritation in sensitive skin types, side effects are rare. Compared to UV rays, which are linked to a host of adverse reactions that range from faster aging to skin cancer, sunless tanning is healthier and more effective. Less than 0.01% of TanOrganic users would have any reaction to our products, and we are the preferred and most recommended tan from top dermatologist in Ireland for psoriasis & eczema prone skin. We are also the most preferred tan for expecting mothers, so our high quality ingredients and no nasties formulas make our products safe to use while pregnant.

What Self Tanning Tips Do I Need to Know to Get Ready?
To get the best tanning results, exfoliate the day before your plan to apply your tan. Starting with a perfectly polished base is a must for streak-free coverage and long-lasting colour. This can be achieved by using our Multi Use Dry Oil & TanErase exfoliating glove before using our self tan products. Our Multi Use Dry Oil can also be used daily to prolong your tan and giving you perfect glow for up to 10 days.

Will My Skin Turn Orange?
The general rule to follow for avoiding the dreaded orange tint is to only use high-end brands. TanOrganic self tan products are made with premium, natural & certified organic ingredients that fight against discolouration, so you can look forward to a beautiful bronze finish. 

Will Self Tanning Products Ruin My Clothes?
No, our TanOrganic Self Tan Oil is a clear Oil that does not transfer onto your clothes or bed linen. Its lightweight formula ensures that the product is absorbed into the skin and is dry to the touch within seconds. Our Self Tan Lotion & Self Tan Mousse both have colour when applying and this may transfer to clothes. As these colours are made from natural and organic food colourings (Beetroot & Caramel) they wash out of any linens you may have touched with ease.

How Soon After Tanning Can I Shower?
Most self tan products will say six to eight hours is enough. At TanOrganic, we think overnight is ideal to achieve the best results. While products start showing colour within a couple of hours, DHA can take up to 16 hours to fully develop. When you do shower, avoid using harsh soaps and exfoliators. With the TanOrganic Self Tan Oil, there is no need to shower off any excess residue after development, making it clean and easy to use.

How Long Does the Colour Last?
After getting the best sunless tan of your life, chances are that making it last is at the top of your wish list. With little care, good tanners fade in about five days. To double that number, ensure to maintain your tan with our multi use dry oil daily for best results