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Eye Treatments

Lashes & Brows

“The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

It’s amazing the impact the eyes, lashes and brows make to our facial expressions and how we are perceived. Over plucked, sparse brows or brows which are too dark or too light can make us look almost ‘alien’, ‘startled’ or ‘angry’! Busy lifestyles, hormonal changes and lack of sleep as well as stress can all accelerate ageing.

Organic Eyes

Globally there is no such thing as 100% natural or organic eyelash/eyebrow tint. However, we choose to work with the purest companies we can find.

Note: A tint patch test is required 48 hours before first treatment.

Tint tests may need to be repeated if you have not had any eye lash or eye brow tinting for a period of time or if your health has changed. Contact lenses must be removed prior to eyelash tinting treatments.


The Benefits of eye treatments

Evenly shaped symmetrical brows should echo our cheek bones to provide a more flattering and youthful appearance. Everyones brows can afford to be a shade darker than our hair colour and tinting them create a fulness and natural definition that in effect flatters and lifts the whole eye.

Lashes that are tinted appear longer and the eye shape is defined too. All in all brow and lash treatments give a natural, youthful boost, reducing the need for make-up.

The eye muscle itself ‘orbicularis oculi’ is a circular muscle comparable to an elastic band, which becomes more slack with age. The eye muscle responds well to firm, lifting and detoxifying treatments such as crystals and CACI micro-current with immediate results.