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Pinks Boutique

Pinks Boutique Organic Facial Treatment

Organically sourced ingredients for professional performance skin care.


“ Frankly we are bored and astounded by the UK and global cosmetic industry and the petrochemical emulsions that they have brainwashed everyone to believe works and absorbs into their skin – it’s time for change.”  Pinks Boutique

Your therapist will perform your own personal skin care consultation and analysis to decide on your luxury Organic Skin care system:

Organic Rose – for highly sensitive and mature skins. For those who need their facial to minimise the risk of irritation, calm the appearance of redness, be free from irritants whilst being unrivalled for skin repair, cellular renewal, soothing and hydration.

Ocha – packed with white and green tea for high anti – oxidant anti – ageing skin care for normal to dry and dehydrated skins. For a facial centred on hydration, complexion brightening and smoothing.

Lemongrass & Mandarin – antiseptic and restorative for combination, oily and younger skins to help prevent breakouts, be free from pore blocking ingredients and drying alcohols which promote and frequently cause oil imbalances typical when using synthetic skin care.

Pinks Boutique Body Treatment

The Pinks Boutique Signature Body Treatments combine rituals and techniques from both the East and West. Uniquely blended with our signature product range these treatments will allow you to experience full-body detoxification, relaxation and invigoration whilst being cocooned in aromas, flavours and textures that will soothe your soul, senses and help you escape.

Before each body treatment, you will be given a choice of pinks boutique body oils and scrubs blended with pure organic essential oils.

Our Body System Blends

  • Escape – Sweet Orange, Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli
  • Detox – Lemongrass and Mandarin
  • Invigorate – Wild peppermint, Eucalyptus, Geranium and Lavender
  • Relax – Organic Rose and Rose Geranium

Why Pinks Boutique?

Sunshine For The Soul is proud to be a Pinks Boutique Celebrated Spa. We have local exclusivity and provide the full range of Pinks Boutique signature face and body treatment rituals.

Pinks Boutique provide the purest, ‘Soil Certified’ Organic skin care.

We chose to work with Pinks Boutique since we opened Sunshine because they share the same ethos and passion as us. All Pinks Boutique’s ingredients are ethically sourced, free from synthetic fragrance, parabens, GM modified products, PEGs, Sodium Laurel Sulphate, Petroleum & Mineral Oils, nut oil-free, vegan and cruelty-free.